January SLIA Board Meeting

Countryside Fire Department is still restricting meetings onsite due to COVID, so our January board meeting will be online via Zoom.

Moving forward, please get the location details for our monthly board meetings from our event calendar located here: https://slia.net/calendar/

We’ll try to get the calendar updated at least one week prior to each meeting.

SLIA Board

2021 Association Dues

Hope you all are well! Please take note of the following for 2021 SLIA Association Dues.

  1. The invoices will going out in the mail tomorrow
  2. Terms are net 60. This means they are due by 3/1/21. Any payments made with a postmark after 3/1 will begin accruing administrative fees.
  3. If for some reason you don’t get your invoice in the mail, please contact me or simply mail your check to Sylvan Lake Improvement Association 781 S. Midlothian Rd., Mundelein, IL 60060
  4. If there are any suspected errors or questions regarding your invoice, please contact me (and be nice)

Happy New Year (see ya’ 2020 – you won’t be missed)
Ed Meltzer – SLIA Treasurer

Raft Pontoons, Boats on Beach, and our next Board Meeting

Pontoons Available
With the deconstruction of our broken raft at the beach, we have pontoons available for anyone that would like to take them.  They’re located next to the beach shed near the grill.  We’ll keep them for the next week, but then will look to have them removed by Groot or someone else.  

Boats on Beach
Also just a friendly reminder that all watercraft at the beach, except those stored on the boat rack or behind the shed on the other side of the stored piers, must be moved to either your home or an easement by Sunday Nov 15.  They can return to the beach on Mar 15, 2021.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the beach as clear as possible during the winter months.

Next Board Meeting
Our next monthly board meeting will be held next Wed, Nov 18 @ 7:30pm at the Countryside Fire Department.  

Countryside has a few rules for us to follow:
– Face mask/face covering must be worn while within the building.
– All visitors must sign in at the entrance.
– Visitors must have their temperature checked and logged at the entrance.
– Modified Training Room Capacity
   *  Station 1: Max Occupancy 22  

All our events can be viewed on our SLIA Events web page: https://slia.net/calendar/

Lake Lowered

As previously communicated, the lake was to be lowered on Oct 1 in order for members to work on their shorelines and help reduce ice damage over the winter.  One board has been removed from the dam, but there are some rocks mortared around the last remaining board that would require some excavating to remove.  Fremont Township would rather leave it as is for now. 

The lake is lowered as much as possible, so everyone can begin their shoreline work.

SLIA Board

Updates to the Rules and Regs posted


Updates to the Rules and Regulations have been published and made effective August 19, 2020. Changes are as follows:

  • Section 3.A.11 was added to reflect when boat ownership changes.
  • Section 3.E was updated to reflect adjusted pier square footage requirements for single and multiple connected lots, new Boat Lift requirements, Floating Raft distance requirements, and general language updates for consistency.

The Rules and Regulations document can be found here.

SLIA Board

Oktoberfest Cancelled

Due to a number of factors including not being able to serve food/drinks and COVID-19 group size and social distancing requirements, we won’t be able to hold the Oktoberfest event this year.  

We hope you can still enjoy Oktoberfest at home by putting on your favorite lederhosen, breaking out some polka, and tossing back a pint.  Feel free to post those pictures on the Sylvan Lake Facebook page 🙂   

Stay safe everyone.

SLIA Board

Shoreline Work

We hope you’re enjoying the summer and taking advantage of everything Sylvan Lake has to offer.  We have an opportunity to help with shoreline erosion this fall and wanted to give you ample time to prepare.

Normally, our lake is slightly lowered prior to the winter season, however, this year our lake will be lowered an estimated 11 inches on October 1.  This will be done by removing two boards from our dam, which will be added back in the spring.  We encourage all lakefront members to inspect your shoreline and use October for work on improving erosion control, removing old debris, fixing piers and enhancing your shoreline. 

We appreciate everyone for keeping their shorelines and lake in beautiful condition!

SLIA Board

Guest Privileges and Updates from the Area

Guest Privileges
There have been multiple instances of visitors using our beach and fishing near the dam without a member present.  As a reminder, just because a guest knows a member doesn’t give them access to use our lake at any time.   All guests must be accompanied by a member in our common areas or they can be asked to leave.  Sylvan Lake is a private community and we appreciate your cooperation.

Open Burning Ban Extended
The Lake County Board voted to extend the open burning ban until August 12th, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a reminder, small recreational campfires or cooking fires are permitted so long as dry seasoned firewood is used and smoke is not a nuisance to neighbors. This ban is primarily aimed at preventing yard waste and garbage from being burned which generates much more smoke.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact the Lake County office at (847) 367-5511.

Boat Safety Class
The Countryside Fire Protection District is hosting a free boat safety class on Saturday, August 15th, 2020.  It’s recommended for anyone born after 1998 that would be operating a motorized watercraft.  Registration is limited to 20 students and there are still spots available.  See the attached flyer for more information.

For more updates from our Countryside Fire Protection department, we encourage you to “like” their Facebook page.

SLIA Board

Beach and Playgrounds Update

We’ve been eagerly awaiting direction from the IL Department of Public Health for opening our beach and playgrounds.  We have just received word that we’re now able to open both immediately.  Phase 4 guidelines are still in place, so please continue to practice social distancing and keep groups less than 50 people.  

We’re looking for young and strong, but will take ANY volunteers to put out our swimming pier and raft on Saturday, Jul 11 at 9:00am.   

Just a few reminders,
1) Our lake is catch and release for all bass.  Members are responsible for guests not following this rule.
2) Pets are not permitted in the beach area.
3) Glass bottles are not permitted in the beach area.

Thanks again for all your help!

-SLIA Board

Beach update

Hello Sylvan Lakers,

We wanted to keep everyone updated on the status of the beach, which is currently closed for swimming while we waited on guidance from the IL Department of Public Health.

The IL Department of Public Health just recently released swimming guidelines which state that beaches should remain closed during Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois plan.  You can read those guidelines here:  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/Swimming%20Facility%20Guidelines%20Final%206%205%2020.pdf.  Also note that playgrounds are still closed in Phase 3 as well.

While beaches cannot open in Phase 3, they may be able to open in Phase 4. Phase 4 could happen at the earliest by June 26th if the Northeast region meets the required metrics set forth by the Restore Illinois Plan.

We will continue to keep members updated as new information gets released. Thanks again for practicing social distancing around the lake.

Be safe.

SLIA Board