Halloween (COVID style)

Due to COVID-19, we wanted to provide some tips this year for Halloween on Saturday. Trick-or-treating will be between 4pm and 8pm. If you are passing out candy, here’s some ideas to keep contact to a minimum:

  • Turn on your porch light to show you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters.
  • Set up outside with a table in your driveway (weather permitting).
  • Put candy in individual bags and lay outside on a table or tray.
  • Use dixie or small cups filled with package candy and have kids take one.
  • Only have a few pieces of candy in the bowl at a time.
  • Face masks should be worn by everybody.

If you’re not comfortable having trick-or-treaters or are not feeling well:

Checker Board Parking

Checker Board Parking is the occasional parking of cars on both sides of the street and it can be challenging to pass through this maze. Our streets are generally narrow and when there is parking on both sides of the street it becomes challenging for the average size vehicle to maneuver between the parked cars to pass down the street. Larger emergency vehicle, many times, would not be able to negotiate between the parked cars.

Please ask neighbors and your friends that may be visiting that “checker-board” parking on both sides of the street is discouraged and is a discourtesy to others as well as a safety issue for emergency responders.

Summer Volleyball League

Summer volleyball will begin Tuesday June 16. For those unfamiliar this is a recreational Tuesday evening league that plays at both Schwerman and Bjorkland. The season typically wraps up the last Tuesday in July or first Tuesday in August, followed by an end of season Saturday tournament.

If you would like to organize and captain a team, please reach out, so I can include your team on the schedule. 

Dave Kruse

Keep up to date with what’s happening!

The Sylvan Lake calendar can now be synced with your phone. Open our new calendar and follow these steps:


  • Click the +Google Calendar on bottom-right.  This should add it to your gmail calendar (you may have to go to your settings and turn on “Sync”.  If this doesn’t work, open the desktop site on your phone and follow the same steps.