2023 Association Dues

Happy New Year Sylvan Lakers!

We’re excited to announce that we can now accept payments via Zelle if that is more convenient for you than writing a check.  Zelle is available via many of your banking apps and all you need to do is use this email address to send money – treasurer@slia.net.  If it is not available through your bank you can use Zelle stand alone (‘how it works’ link below) or simply send a check as you have in the past.  If you send via Zelle, please indicate your property address in the notes section of your payment to simplify the accounting process. 


The invoices will be sent by the end of this week and payment is due by March 1st.  As in the past, late fees will be assessed if payment is not received by March 1st and every 60 days thereafter.  

Best regards, 

Ed Meltzer, SLIA Treasurer 

Oktoberfest – Oct 8th

The official date for Oktoberfest is Saturday, Oct 8th. We will have live music, world famous Sylvan Lake beer brats (patent pending), a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, kid’s games, adult games, hayrides, bonfire, and the infamous Garden Club bake sale. Live music, bonfire at dusk, and a portable restroom on site.

Cardboard Regatta

Sunday, Sept 11 @ 4pm

Beach check-in at 3:45pm

It’s back!!!! The BOAT REGATTA 2022 will be on September 11th at 4pm with a new teenage division and great prizes!

Ages 1-12ish: Use cardboard and tape to make the fastest boat on the lake. Decorate it to make it look awesome!

Ages 13ish-19: RECYCLED BOAT CHALLENGE Use cardboard, plastic bottles, twine, tape, and other recyclables to make the fastest boat!

GIFTCARDS for the winners!!!

Don’t forget your life preserver!

SLIA Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Sylvan Lake Improvement Association will be held on Sunday, September 18 at 2:00pm, with a rain date of Sunday, September 25 at 2:00pm. The meeting will be held outside at Schwerman Park on the basketball court. Please bring your own lawn chairs. If the weather is not cooperating, further scheduling changes will be communicated on our slia.net website and email.

-Call to order and welcome
-Approval of 2021 Annual Meeting minutes
-Opening Remarks from the President (Dan Trahan)
-Vice President’s Report (Cliff Gartner)

Department Updates
-Parks/Easements/Environment (Sarah Owen/Kim Del Bene)
-Beach (Peter Lind)
-Lake (Tom Truffer)
-Recreation (Laurie MacKay)
-Garden Club (Tammie Trahan)
-Shoreline Newsletter (Andrew and Melissa Kitzmiller)

Budget Review/Approval
-Treasurer’s Report (Ed Meltzer)

Elections to the board
-Two board positions are up for election and nominations will be taken from the floor.
Roles will be decided during the first board meeting of the next term in October.

Members Forum
-Discussion of additional questions/concerns

Hope to see you there!

Note, current financials and the requested budget for next year will be made available at the meeting, and we will post the approved budget to our website.

Lake Treatments

Our lake treatment provider, Scientific Aquatics, periodically assesses our lake throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  When they arrive, they inspect the conditions and make a decision whether or not a treatment application is necessary.  

We do not get advance notice of their visits or applications so we can’t send advance notice out via email.  However, the treatments used specifically target the algae and are completely safe for people and pets.  It’s a naturally occurring biological agent that specifically targets the algae’s ability to absorb nitrogen and phosphate.   These treatments keep algae under control and help our overall water quality.

Dam Funding Update

We followed up with Fremont Township regarding federal funding for our dam project and the latest update is that the FY22 Appropriation vote may not happen until March.  We’ve been told the dam project will most likely get postponed until 2023, even if funds were to be approved this spring since there’s been a delay.  This might be best, considering the work being done on Gilmer, Midlothian, and Sylvan Dr South next year.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we get them, but as of right now it looks like we’ll have a lake this year.

Gilmer/Midlothian Construction Project

Alicia Dodd had a pre-construction meeting for the Gilmer/Midlothian widening that is finally happening! It was bid out and some preliminary work will be started this fall.   This fall, utility locations will be modified, storm sewer will be added along Gilmer/S Sylvan, and a temporary entrance will be created at South Sylvan.   South Sylvan/Gilmer will be closed for approx. two weeks this fall, and Midlothian/South Sylvan will be closed for three weeks next summer.  Some tree removal in right of way will likely start this fall. 

Lake County will have a website and an email list to keep residents informed.  They will send out postcards with website info.  


The Gilmer/Midlothian intersection will remain open during the project.    South Sylvan reconstruction is planned for Phase 6 of the project, which likely means next summer.  

Oktoberfest – Oct 9th

The official date for Oktoberfest is Saturday, Oct 9th. We will have live music, world famous Sylvan Lake beer brats (patent pending), a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, kid’s games, adult games, hayrides, bonfire, and the infamous Garden Club bake sale. Live music performed by The Band Crossroads at 6pm. Bonfire at dusk, and a portable restroom on site.