Lake Lowering Has Begun

The lowering of the lake has begun!  For your safety, please keep a safe distance from the yellow floats near the intake hoses pumping water out of the lake.  Do not swim near them and please keep your boat a safe distance away.

The lake is expected to be lowered 5-6 feet by the end of the week, so now is the time to remove your boats from the lake and begin your shoreline projects.

Tentative Construction Schedule

A bit of good news—the lowering of the lake is scheduled to start after July 4th. Hopefully that will allow you some time to enjoy the lake during upcoming hot spell.

The next phase of construction reroutes the water main. It currently runs under Highland Drive and through the dam. It will be rerouted down the ravine and back up via directional boring.

The contractor will also be working on putting the infrastructure in place to dewater the lake and erosion control measures to mitigate downstream effects.

Sediment Testing – Week of 6/17

McCloud Aquatics will be out on the lake next week, likely on Monday. They will take soil samples from our two bays to measure how much sediment we have in the bottom of the bays. They will be in a motorized boat and will just be collecting soil samples, not spraying or putting anything into the lake. It is fine to be in the water while they are out.

March SLIA Board Meeting

The SLIA Board will have members from Fremont Township and Lake County Stormwater Management available at our March board meeting to answer questions about the dam project, costs, and funding. We encourage everyone to attend this meeting on March 20th at 7:30pm at Countryside Fire Station (801 S. Midlothian).

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Sylvan Lake Improvement Association will be held on Sunday, September 10 at 1:00pm, with a rain date of Saturday, September 16 at 1:00pm.  The meeting will be held outside at Schwerman Park on the basketball court.  Please bring your own lawn chairs.  If the weather is not cooperating, further scheduling changes will be communicated on our website and email.

Cardboard Regatta

Sunday, Sept 10 @ 4pm

Beach check-in at 3:45pm

It’s back!!!! The BOAT REGATTA 2023 will be on September 10th at 4pm with a new teenage division and great prizes!

Ages 1-12ish: Use cardboard and tape to make the fastest boat on the lake. Decorate it to make it look awesome!

Ages 13ish-19: RECYCLED BOAT CHALLENGE Use cardboard, plastic bottles, twine, tape, and other recyclables to make the fastest boat!

GIFTCARDS for the winners!!!

Don’t forget your life preserver!

Spring Cleanup Day

This spring’s cleanup day is this Saturday, May 20th, with a rain date of May 21st.  We will start at 9:00am with lunch at 12:00pm at the beach.  Please bring your own water bottle, gloves and appropriate tools for the area you are volunteering in.  Please wash any shovels prior to working to prevent the spread of jumping worms.   Volunteers are needed for the following projects:

BEACH: PIERS AND RAFTS – led by Pete Lind

BEACH PARK– led by Dave Benedeck

  • Weed and spread mulch

SCHWERMAN PARK – lead by Renee DelMissier

  • Weed and spread mulch


  • Installing new spider climber
  • Installing wood stump stepping stones
  • Spread pea gravel

BJORKLUND AND TRIANGLE PARK – Captain still needed

  • Weed and spread mulch