Lake Treatments

Managing a healthy lake involves a number factors which include filtering particulates, phosphorus, and nitrogen from entering our lake from neighboring communities, controlling algae blooms throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and promoting a healthy plant ecosystem to support a wide range of fish, turtles, frogs, and other wildlife.

To control algae blooms and an overabundance of plant life, SLIA has contracted with Scientific Aquatics. They are a qualifying SePro Stewards of Water company focusing on preserving, restoring, and protecting water resources.  Throughout the year, they will periodically assess our lake, inspect the conditions, and make a decision on whether or not a treatment application is necessary. They manage a number of lakes in the area and they do not have a set schedule, so there is no advance notice of when they’ll be visiting our lake or applying a treatment. They do typically notify our Lake Director in the evening if our lake was treated that day.

However, advance notice is not necessary since the treatments used specifically target the algae and are completely safe for people and pets during the application process and thereafter. One is a bacterial treatment in the form of large tablets that dissolve in the water, which are non-toxic and do not necessitate a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The other is a less frequently used copper sulfate that is a targeted spray treatment , which is also completely safe. A MSDS exists for this treatment primarily for the safety of the applicator when dealing with the undiluted chemicals.

You’ll know when their applying a treatment when you see a small motorboat either dropping tablets in the water or spraying a treatment from a hose.

Again, if you see a treatment being applied, please know that it is completely safe for people and pets. There is no need to exit the lake while the lake is being treated.