COVID-19 and Memorial Day Weekend Update

Hello Sylvan Lakers,

First, we’d like to give thanks and kudos to all our members for practicing safe social distancing!  We really appreciate everyone’s efforts during this time.

Next, the SLIA Board met last night and decided that both Carp-O-Rama and Clean-Up day will proceed this weekend, albeit with some changes.  And although IL hasn’t officially entered Phase III, we’ll be following what this means closely to determine when we can re-open the playgrounds and beach for swimming.  We’ll communicate these changes to members as soon as possible.

In addition to holding these events over Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve also decided to put both the paddle boat and sailboat piers out for boating use.  The beach can be used as a park, but the sand and swimming area are still closed pending communication from state and local governments.

Below are more details regarding the two events this weekend:

Carp-O-Rama is an annual event where Sylvan Lake residents of all ages help rid the lake of our carp population…one carp at a time.  This year Carp-O-Rama will happen albeit a bit different as we’ll be strictly following state guidelines.

  • Carp-O-Rama runs from Noon Friday 5/22 until Monday 5/25 at 3:00 pm.  
  • All participants must practice at least six (6) feet social distancing & no groups of more than six (6) people.
  • The weigh-in will also be structured different.  ONLY those participating in Carp-O-Rama should show up on Monday, 3pm for the weigh-in at the beach shed.  Masks are required.  Line up single file at least 6 feet apart for the measuring/weighing of the Carp.  PLEASE respect the social distance practices.  

Note, if larger groups are gathering we will have to shut down & risk recreational events from happening in the future.

As a reminder, Rules of Engagement:  You catch the carp, you keep the carp, You dispose of your carp at 3pm Monday…you get money…$2 per carp all while practicing social distancing.

Thank you to John Rollinger for managing the weigh-in Monday afternoon.

PS:  Purchase your 2020 fishing license online here.

Cleanup Day
Cleanup Day will start at 9am on Saturday, but will be limited compared with past years.  Please see the details below:

  • Captains are designated in these areas: Kathy Ford (Bjorkland Park) and Cliff/Dave at the Beach. Mulch and top soil will be delivered to those areas and volunteers are needed to help spread. 
  • Cliff needs volunteers at 9am on Saturday to put out the paddle boat and sailboat piers at the beach.
  • Fremont Township will NOT be picking up brush this year, so please DO NOT leave brush near the street.  Any brush needs to be kept at your property.  The township will be coming in the fall for brush pickup.
  • NO lunch will be served at the beach at noon.
  • If you’re going to working in close proximity with others, we strongly encourage you to wear a face mask.

Thanks again to all our volunteers and good luck catching those carp!