Sylvan Lake Dam Repair Project, Spring 2020

Dear Sylvan Lake Neighbors:

The time for the Sylvan Lake dam repair project is approaching.  It was delayed from last Fall, but it is expected to start mid- or late-May.  It will take about 6 months with no stoppage in the work.  The only delay to that start would be caused by utility or permit issues.

This project is required for the future preservation of our lake.  The current dam, built 91 years ago, must be refurbished.  If the dam breaches, the lake is gone.

The project is being handled by our Fremont Township Highway Commission at no cost to the Sylvan Lake community.  It is the largest project ever undertaken by our Township Highway Department.

HERE IS THE TOUGH PART:  The size of the lake will be reduced about 50% for the full length of the project – about 6 months. 

We cannot sugarcoat that fact.  It is difficult, but necessary.  The Highland & Midlothian entrance will be closed, leaving only the Crescent & Gilmer entrance for access to the neighborhood.

On the positive side, it will preserve our lake, and we hope individual homeowners will  seize the opportunity to clean up and restore shorelines and seawalls.    

At the Feb 19 Sylvan Lake Regular Board meeting, we will have representatives from the Fremont Township Highway Commission to answer your questions.  We encourage you to attend.

Some of us have lived at Sylvan Lake a long time.  In 1980, we lowered Sylvan Lake to dredge both the Maple and Ravinia Bays.  There was great community outcry about the fear that the lake would not refill.  Please know that the lake reached almost its prior level within one year after the work was completed.

Please follow this link to read the Project Detail Document.  We urge you to read these details carefully. 

And we urge you to attend the next meeting:  

Sylvan Lake Regular Board Meeting
February 19, 7:30 p.m.
Countryside Fire House, 2nd Floor
801 S Midlothian Road
Mundelein IL  60060

The Sylvan Lake Board