Ravinia Park Project

Due to recent storms, the inlet at Ravinia Park into the lake has become badly eroded and needs repair. Budget of $15K at the 2019 Annual meeting was approved for this repair work to be completed in 2020.

In October 2019, a walk-through with ILM engineers was done to assess the damage. They observed the entire system from where the water enters from Gilmer Rd and exits into the lake. In addition to repairing the inlet erosion, they provided additional observations such as blowout/erosion upstream from where the water enters from Gilmer Rd, and creek banks and retention ponds should be reinforced.

A full design/map of the original work done on Ravinia Park from 20 years ago was provided. Initial estimates have exceeded the approved budget, so ILM will include how the work could be phased in to manage costs over several years. A full proposal is in process.

Draft ILM proposal includes the following repairs/enhancements: