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Sylvan Lake Trivia Spring 2013

How many can you answer before peeking? Use your browser's back button to get back here.

1. When did the Sylvan Lake Association begin and what were the dues? ...answer

2. When did the Garden Club start? ...answer

3. How many acres is our lake and how deep at it's deepest? ...answer

4.How many species of birds have been sighted at or above Sylvan Lake? ...answer

5. What is the most loathsome invasive plant that we are trying to eradicate? ...answer

6. What important event did the Garden Club celebrate in 1991? ...answer

7. And best of all...who were some of the women there? ...answers

.And now for some photo trivia...


8. Where have you seen this tree?

9. Who scratched his initals in and where is it? ...answer