A need for an organization to maintain the lake and various common properties such as parks and easements resulted in the formation of the Sylvan Lake Improvement Association (SLIA). This non-profit organization had its first meeting on August 4, 1940. read the minutes of the first meeting

Annual dues were set at $5 and a fee of $5 assessed to provide working funds and enable the creation of a corporation. August Schwerman signed a Quit Claim Deed dated August 25, 1942 which assigned all playgrounds, parks, terraces, streets and dam to the Sylvan Lake Improvement Association.



The Garden club was founded August 21, 1941 as a womens' auxilliary to the SLIA. It's purpose was to beautify the areas around the lake.

Pictured are 8 of the founding 13 members
Seated, left to right: Mrs. August Schwerman,
Mrs. Louise Bussone, first secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. H. North, first president, and
Mrs. Charles Stayart, first vice-president.

Standing: Left to right, Mrs. Aurthur Gilster,
Mrs. Charles Wallrab, Mrs, Lyman U. Haviland,
and Miss Lena Schwerman ( August's sister)