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More beach tags from the 80s

Second Sylvan Lake cookbook - 1994

Sylvan Lake polo shirts- 2000

Second cover drawn by Madeleine Ferrara- printed in red

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Mugs sold at Octoberfest - 2003

Last directoy cover by Madeleine Ferrara

Sign at beach test site

Spirit Wear 2011

The following was extracted from Association minutes, newsletters and Garden Club notes.
  • 1940
    - First meeting of Improvement Association on August 4. Dues set at $5 to provide for working funds.
    - Decision to incorporate. read the minutes of that meeting
  • 1941
    - Fifty-nine members in Association and dues set at $10.
    read report
    - First meeting of Garden Club on August 21.
    - Special meeting called. Resolution passed to post sign at beach prohibiting soap bathing and changing of clothes.
    read meeting minutes
    - Construction of two sixty foot piers and installation of water fountain at beach approved.

  • 1943
    - Garden Club built benches at Point Comfort Park.

    - Study with Fish and Wild Life Department of Interior to rid lake of "weedy and scummy" appearance.
    - Construction of long bench area at beach to hold back dirt and prevent erosion. read about it
    - Letter from Mr. Schwerman reminding home owners not to plant shrubbery on the roads. read letter
    - Mrs. Gilpin, newly elected president of the Garden Club outlined her plans in a "meaty and pithy talk."

  • 1946
    - Rules and regulations include: Speed limit 13 to 15 Mph as posted.
    - No outdoor toilets No fence, trees or shrubs beyond property.

    - List of dues paid in and disbursements paid out

    - It was thought a good idea to fertilize the lake to help keep the weeds down. read it here

  • 1949
    - Motion made to rename Lindbergh to Schwerman Park. read annual meeting minutes
    - Discussions regarding volunteer improvements included ball diamond and community house.

    - See who owned your house in the 1950's

    - Garden Club contributed $150 to the Association for playground equipment at Point Comfort Park.

  • 1951
    - Association voted $40 to the $100 Garden Club budget for beach sand and $50 to Winter
    Club for snow removal.
    - Swings installed at Point Comfort Park.

    - Baseball backstops installed by Garden Club.
    - Lindberg park renamed in honor of August Schwerman. Mrs. Schwerman responds.

  • 1953
    - Association discussions included dredging, seawalls, and stocking of northerns and pickerel.

    - Lake recommendations include weed control, lower lake kill fish, build seawalls and restock fish.
    - First Sylvan Lake newsletter distributed.
    - A note was sent to property owners looking for $10-$20 donations to solve weed problem.

    - Garden Club provided first raft for lake.

    - Garden Club Sunshine Committee formed.

  • 1959
    - A
    nnual meeting resolution for township to take over road maintenance. Read the 4 page minutes

    - Dues were still $15 but 48 members donated an extra $5 after an appeal for funds.
    - Lights were installed at entrances and beach.

  • 1962
    - Natural gas arrives, owners convert from oil.
    - Garden Club redid Midlothian entrance, putting flagstone and evergreen plantings in place.
    Read Newsletter

    - South Sylvan Drive was opened to through traffic from Midlothian to Gilmer.

    - Coliform count high due to leaking septic systems.
    - Sewage plant to service Sylvan Lake proposed.

  • 1964
    - Postcards announcing general meeting cost 2 cents.
    - Bruce Muench, area fish biologist, states "Bass were emaciated, 50% bluegills emaciated, pumpkin seeds in thin condition and carp apparently in good condition."
    - Big discussions on Schwerman Park drainage at annual meeting.
    - Stocking of bass & bluegill recommended.

    - 92 homeowners agree to participate in sewer system.
    - Garden Club installed first volleyball-badminton nets at Schwerman park.

  • 1966
    - Mosquito abatement programs started. (lasted 2 years)
    - Telephone poles and gravel placed by beach for safer parking.
    - Garden Club proposed & funded junk pick-up.

    - Sewers installed and road remained terrible for two years.
    - Garden Club started a clean-up day and purchased sand for the beach.

    - Special general meeting assessed $15 for fish kill.
    - Fish kill was 98% effective with 10,000 bluegills and 5,100 bass stocked.
    - Garden Club request $2 per household to pay for beach patrol on week-ends.

    - Tennis court cost estimated at $9,300.
    - Garden Club organized a tree planting project.
    - Dues set at $30.
    - The newsletter became "The Sylvan Smile" edited by Don Metz.
    - Garden Club reported 100 trees planted.

    - First discussions of lake aerators.
    - Don Bjorklund organized the construction of 243 feet of new curb at beach.
    - Garden club organizes Beach Patrol

    - Discussed the need to bury drainage hose in Schwerman Park.
    - More discussions of Sylvan Lake incorporation.

    - Hose will be buried by hand when ground thaws.
    - Pipe in Schwerman Park will be buried.
    - Use of electric motors in lake voted down.
    - The first "Shoreline" edited by Ralph Schlenker and Rich Borst.
    - Lee "Carp" Dickinson snagged 31 bluegills in fishing derby.
    Scott Hanson caught 56 fish. In total 367 were taken.
    - Basketball court poured at Schwerman Park and a metal beach building constructed.

  • 1974
    - Old boat house dismantled.
    - Hawthorn Woods expressed desire to annex Countryside and Sylvan Lakes
    before Mundelein annexes.
    - Decision to have mini fish kill to reduce bluegills.
    - Playground equipment at Schwerman updated.

    - Guest speaker at annual meeting discussed the Hwy 53 extension.
    - The Garden Club publishes a Sylvan Lake Cookbook

    Sylvan Lake Cook Book - 1974

  • 1975
    - First clean-up day with free refreshments.
    - Bjorkland Park named after Don for all of his selfless community efforts.
    - Organized volleyball starts.
    - 220 fish taken in 4th of July fishing derby
    - First Oktoberfest held. Brats were 80 cents and beer was 40 cents.
    Two kegs of beer were consumed. Bittercold. Dan Kaloway installed a
    light for the occasion. Trees were planted at park earlier in day.

    - Garden Club sell Sylvan Lake Patches to make money.
    - Bicentennial Dance considered a huge success with 116 tickets sold.
    - Clean-up day and fishing derby held together.
    - Portable tables purchased from Lion's Club.
    - Garden Club President becomes a voting member of the Association Board.
    - Dues raised to $40.
    - Second Oktoberfest only lost $13 compared to $100 from the first one.

    - Special meeting raised dues to $50.
    - First mention of proposed garbage dump.

    - Garden Club prepared a telephone book.

  • 1979
    - Committees set to pursue lake dredging.
    - First armual winter carnival.

    - Flouride added to lake wells.
    - Garbage landfill turned down by EPA.
    - Seawalls proposed for Juneau and Wildflower terraces.
    - Aerators authorized at annual meeting and proposal for bay dredging presented.
    - Sylvan Lake streets paved by Township.

    Beach tags from the 90s

  • 1980 - Big news - Dredging read about the myths in the Shoreline
    - Garden Club was reactivated with project to update the phone book.
    - A special assessment of $150 for bay excavationwas approved by a vote of 56-38
    at a special meeting.
    - Shed built to dampen noise of aerator compressors.
    - Volleyball playoffs were a big success and also included an ice cream social
    sponsored by the Garden Club.
    - Dredging estimated to cost $15,785
    - Special meeting to vote on dredging. In attendance were 83 residents.

    - A new well installed in Sylvan Commons.
    - Late spring excavation meeting reports 90% completion with the lake level back up.
    - Garden Club getting new benches,

  • 1982
    - Northems placed in lake.

    First directory cover drawn by Madeleine Ferrara

  • 1983
    - Cable TV comes to Sylvan Lake.
    - Seawall constructed in Maple Terrace.
    - Dues kept at $50.
    - Madeleine Ferrara draws the first of the Garden Club Directory cover series.

    - Work has begun on by-law revisions.
    - Sylvan Lake Stock Club formed. Motto: "Losses don't hurt us."

    - Dues raised to $60.
    - Garden Club plants 100 bulbs and plans to purchase a new bench.

    - Old Fashioned Winter Skating Party at rink in front of the Tonkery's.
    - Eagle Scouts began several major projects.
    - Dues raised to $100.

    - A very successful Winterfest included tennis ball golf and softball on the ice

    - The spring dance was a great success and raised over $400 for new playground equipment.

    - Point Comfort Park playground equipment was built over four weekends.
    - First Carp-a-rama held in conjunction with clean-up.
    - New benches were installed at beach.
    - Scouts start major effort at Ravinia Park which will include a major seawall structure,
    foot paths and bridges.

    - Talk of incorporation with Gilmer begins.
    - A dinner cruise on Lake Geneva was enjoyed by about 40 residents.

    More beach tags from the 90s

    - Trees donated by the Benedek's were planted by Eagle Scout candidates throughout the community parks.
    - Association passes 50 year milestone.
    - A pier was installed at Ravinia park.
    - A new playground is constructed at Schwerman Park over 4 weekends.
    - The first Chili Cook-off brought a new twist to the Winterfest activities.
    - Sylvan Lake Book Club started.

    - Fish committee established to monitor and improve lake quality.
    - Fish cribs constructed and placed on ice for spring thaw.
    - Sally Harper edits final Shoreline. She had been publishing it since the mid 70s!
    - Betty Kroening takes over as editor of Shoreline.

    - Garden Club publishes an updated address book.
    - "Kids Who Can" directory published through the efforts of The Garden Club and
    Barb Haseman to help young workers connect with residents who needed help.
    "Under the Stars" was the theme for the 1993 Ravinia night and bonfire in August.
    - Labor Day celebration included sailboat races and the best Italian beef sandwich
    dinner run by the Molsens and the Washburns. This would have been when there
    was only one Molsen household - Nick and Bunny.
    - Sylvan Lake roads resurfaced - October.

    - Winterfest held with lake softball, longest drive golf, winter games, and chili cook-off
    - 4th of July Picnic included a Triathalon and Marathon around Sylvan Lake, as well as softball game,
    sailboat races, and bike parade.
    - "Meals on Wheels" again served throughout the community by the Sylvan Lake Garden Club.
    - Second Edition Sylvan Lake Cookbook published in the fall.

    - Memorial Day Clean-Up Day and Picnic - along with the Carp-o-Rama - were again big elements of the Sylvan Lake Spring season.
    - Schwerman Park graded for better drainage.
    - Garden Club Pot Luck dinner a big success
    - Sylvan Lake Garden Club works to beautify the community with spring plantings at the Beach, Bjorklund and other community locations.
    - Swimming lessons provided again by Jan Hales, with Jessica Hales, Rob Trauscht and Adam Washburn as helpers.
    - Ravinia Night included a bonfire and the special performance of a harpist.

    - 4th of July Picnic - Countryside Fire Department provided its first water demonstration of our newly installed Dry Fire Hydrant. The resulting giant shower over the lake was a huge hit - bringing squeals of delight all across the swim area - and has been a special part of the picnic on many 4th of July festivities since.

    - New residents throughout Sylvan Lake continued to be greeted by the community that included wonderful cookies and bake goods from Rita Rak.
    - "Taste of Sylvan Lake" was the Labor Day event this year with an Italian Sausage dinner. Good weather allowed all to enjoy a long afternoon at the beach to close out the year.
    - Some Sylvan Lake residents participated in the Condell Classic in the Fall of 1996.
    - Octoberfest included a craft sale, face painting, and ghost stories for children in addition to the horse-drawn hay wagon rides around Sylvan Lake.
    - Interesting bird watching information provided to the community again this year by Mike Trahan.

    The Hanson and Washburn families united to rescue two teenagers who fell through thin ice in Sylvan Lake in January.
    - Cooperative Extension Service offered horticultural assistance to Sylvan Lake families.
    - Beautification committee formed to develop plans to enhance and beautify Ravinia Park and Maple Park.
    - Garden Club Phone Directory updated by Rita Rak and Jeanne Peterson and published with the help of Don Hamm. Each of the Sylvan Lake directories has featured an original piece of art created by Madeleine Ferrara.
    - "The Country Fair" was held as the Labor Day event with Frog Jumping contest, Country Fair Games, pie making contest, Bingo and "rat race."
    - Environmental awareness issues are raised to protect the community's future. Much effort put into education for residents about unwelcome growth, including purple loosestrife, mustard weed and buckthorn tree.

    Big tree planting effort spearheaded throughout Sylvan Lake by Al Benedeck, including Norway Maple, Sugar Maple and White Ash.
    - Easter Egg Hunt a big success.
    - Sylvan Lake installed emergency phone on triangle next to beach in Spring. Demonstration of phone held during 4th of July picnic.
    - Octoberfest a big success thanks to the work of many, including the organization of Debbie Spector.
    - Santa again came to Sylvan Lake and brought cheer to all good girls and boys.

    - Horseshoe League formed at Sylvan Lake and has a very successful first season.
    - Environmental Committee formed by the Sylvan Lake Board to plan and execute improvements to our 2 major inlets, Ravinia Park and Maple Park.
    - Contract Bridge group is formed at Sylvan Lake and has a great first year.
    - Garden Club plans Millennium Celebration dubbed "New Years Eve at Sylvan Lake." The progressive dinner with midnight champagne toast at the beach has been the work of many, with special efforts by Mary Harroun and Warren Young. The "midnight-at-the-beach" portion of the event was summarily dismissed after the first year. Brrrrrr…..

    Sylvan Lake homeowners were beset by telephone outage problems as internet usage boomed throughout Lake County and the phone lines of our area were determined to be inadequate. Much effort was expended to bring this awareness to the phone company.
    - Sylvan Lake Garden Club Bake Sale held in April and was great success.
    - Sylvan Lake Activeware sold to residents - always popular in the community.
    New 12' x 12' raft purchased for the beach.
    - Sylvan Lake Water 2nd and 3rd Subdivisions embarks on major project to relocate and install above-ground water storage tank.
    - Karen Hinrichsen, Rita Rak, and Robin Soderstrom planted experimental gardens at beach to test plants that can be used as barricades to reduce shoreline erosion control.
    Sylvan Lake Crossword Puzzle debuts in the Shoreline, thanks to the clever minds of Jane Molsen and Jeri Swanson. Three such puzzles ran in the shoreline over the course of a year.
    - Youth Association is formed at Sylvan Lake with the help of Jane Molsen and her assistants. The Youth Association formed to serve the community by raising money for specific Sylvan Lake use. It is also runs events such as the "Halloween Haunting."

    SLIA joins National Safety Council in order to tap into its resources for lake and playground management
    - Winterfest again held to great reviews with the Chili Cook-off, Homemade Bread Cook-off and Hot Mulled Wine Cook-Off.
    - Sylvan Lake Environmental Committee, under the leadership of Jeri Swanson, applied for three grants for matching funds to help Sylvan Lake embark on large efforts to protect our inlets from erosion.
    - Sylvan Lake Environmental Committee recommends "no mow zone" as a means to filter run-off water into the lake and establish deep root system to prevent erosion.
    - Board embarks on boat cleanup at beach.
    - Maple Park restoration began in the Spring.
    - Betty Neises spearheaded a project that ran two summers to rehabilitate both the Gilmer and Highland entrances.
    - Christmas Caroling brought seasonal cheer around Sylvan Lake.

    Horseshoe Pits reconstructed.
    - Sylvan Lake joined Adopt-A-Highway program and provides cleanup for a stretch of Gilmer Road each year.
    - Sylvan Lake Kids's Club holds bake sale in September.
    - The Garden Club Annual Holiday Party again a big success in fun and in collecting non-perishable items to be located to local food pantry.
    Shoreline editor, Chris Hinrichsen, reprints a group of carp recipes from 1979 in order to promote carp use as another means to help control carp problem in lake.
    Second Sylvan Lake Book Club (the Bookies)formed from those not able to participate in the first.

    Special meeting held to discuss carp removal in Sylvan Lake.
    - Garden Club Phone Directory again updated by Rita Rak and Jeanne Peterson and published with the help of Don Hamm.
    - Sylvan Lake roads resurfaced in the summer.
    - Sylvan Lake holds first garden walk in July. It is a great success.


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